When you are in a relationship, do the two of your work out together? Some couples do, while others pursue their fitness goals in different ways, or perhaps not at all. Working out together can be enjoyable and rewarding. Here are some reasons that the two of you should work out together.

1.) You Can Motivate Each Other.

When you have somebody else waiting for you at the gym, you are more likely to go. There will be days when you are feeling tired and down, and your partner helps motivate you, while other days it will be your turn to be the motivator. Between the two of you, you are more likely to stick to your exercise plans.

2.) You Can Support Each Other.

Sometimes things won't go as well as you hoped. You may not get the time you want on your morning run, or might not meet your target weight in spite of all your workouts. It's easy to get down on yourself when this happens. Having a supportive partner who cares about you and understands what you're going through can be a big help.

3.) Create A Shared Ritual.

You can make your workouts into a morning or evening ritual. For example, if you're used to hitting the gym together each morning before work, it becomes a habit, which makes it easier to do on a regular basis. When you share your ritual with someone else, it can be a bonding experience.

4.) You Can Challenge Each Other.

When you work out with your partner, you can keep each other challenged. Another person can often get you to do a bit more than you would do on your own – do one more rep, run a little further, or add a little bit more weight. This challenge forces you to stretch your abilities, helping you to achieve greater results in less time.

5.) You Have Fun Together.

Your partner is the person you enjoy spending time with more than anyone else in the world. Why not spend time with them while you're working out too? You can inject humor, fun, and play into your joint workouts. This means more fun for you both, and more quality time you get to spend together.

6.) You'll Be Pleased With The Results.

Your relationship involves physical attraction on both sides. When you work out, you keep your body in shape physically, which helps you stay attractive. It shows that you care enough about yourself and your partner to put in the effort to maintain your fitness level. When you work out together, you will both be able to enjoy the benefits of that increased fitness and body tone.

7.) It Can Improve Your Sex Life.

Aside from making you more attractive, staying physically fit can enhance your sex life in other ways too. It gives you more stamina, strength, and endurance. Also, exercise can boost testosterone levels in men, which means an increased sex drive. When your sex life improves, it can lower stress and tension, improve your mood, and build stronger bonds between the two of you. Working out together can really pay off!