A credit card balance transfer is a transfer of balance or money owed in a credit card account to another credit card account company. The balance transfer allows one to transfer debt from a credit card to another credit card account. The process is encouraged by all issuers of credit cards as a way to attract new customers.

This method is attractive because the ones issuing the credit card will have offers such as interest free period, low interests, and loyalty points among others. Using this process seems to not bother anyone battling debt, although there is balance transfer fee to take into consideration. Some feature attractive rates, some will ignore fee (in most cases 3% of transferred amount), and some will offer both.

Order of payments for credits cards specify which balances will be paid first. Payments apply to highest rate balances first and lowest rate, last. Any balances under fixed or teaser rates are paid off sooner than any purchases that usually have the highest APR. Here are brief details on how to compare balance transfer Credit Cards.

The top balance transfer credit cards include; Barclaycard Platinum card-27 months, $2.99 fee. It has the longest 0% ever seen. Barclaycard Platinum is our top pick, but if you already have it it's good to consider the Tesco card. The fee is little with 3.9% taken, thus within two days the difference is credited back. Depending on your credit rating, instead of 27 months; one might be given 0% for 12 months and face a high APR % of 29.9%.

Another top balance transfer credit cards is the Tesco card. The tesco card entails 27 months 0%, and a 3.15% fee. It gives 0% for 27 months with 3.15% fee of the shifted amount. It has the joint longest balance to transfer, but a higher fee than Barclaycard. The Tesco card has representative APR on balances between 18.3% – 24.2%. One cannot transfer any other Tesco card to this one.

The other top balance transfer Credit Cards is the Halifax Balance Transfer card that charges 0% for 25 months on shifted debts, and a 2% fee when one transfers within 90 days. The 25 month transfer is given to about 51% of the customers. Others will be given 0% for 18 or 21 months and face a 21.9% APR, while, others will be given 0% for 15 months with 25.9% APR.

The Barclaycard platinum credit card with extended balance transfer is best suitable to those who prioritize to clear their debts. With the reduction of the fee from 3.9% to 2.99% in Barclaycard platinum credit card, with extended balance transfer, one can wave and pay. Moreover, you should be aware that the promotional offer length. Lastly, the APR is dependent to one's personal circumstances, so keep that in mind.

One can't transfer balance already on a Barclaycard. For Barclaycard's Platinum Credit Card holders with Balance Transfer is great for those who can pay their balances within 26 months and one should be aware that the APR is dependent on one's personal condition. While in Tesco Bank Club card the balance transfer is good because points are awarded in each purchase transaction.

Now you can compare balance transfer credit cards and find the one that is most suitable for your credit card needs.