Finding the cheapest business class airlines can be tricky because most airlines don't want you to know how to come about these deals without paying their full price for the upgrade. Of course, business class is considered the second best thing to first class, and usually there are various amenities offered to you here that you just can't get anywhere else, including spacious seats, comfort, better food, and better entertainment. There are many tips and tricks to finding yourself an upgrade, but which airline offers the best rate on business class?

Virgin America

This is absolutely one of the cheapest business class airlines, especially if you can find yourself a deal online. Virgin America flights are constantly being found on discounted seat sale sites, which make them the perfect carrier if you are looking for a last minute flight and want some extra leg room. They boast of six extra inches of leg room, priority boarding and security over your seating, and free select foods and drinks that aren't available to other passengers in economy or coach. Virgin America also offers an in-flight entertainment system, WiFi onboard, chat and seat to seat delivery through a touch screen system, and power outlets to charge your devices. This company offers last minute upgrades for only $299 on longer flights that haven't sold out of business class seating.

United Airlines

If you want the cheapest business class airlines you can find then United Airlines is certainly at the top of the list. This company often allows upgrades based on a collection of points for their loyalty program. 30,000 points can help you cut back on a ticket that might usually cost up to $4,000 so that you can enjoy business class without spending first class prices. The company also has a great incentive of paying $499 for the year so that you can get unlimited upgrades on domestic flights anytime that an extra seat is available. This gives you access to comfort, larger leg space, top tier food, entertainment, better security, and other personal amenities.

U.S. Airways

U.S. Airways is certainly one of the cheapest business class airlines, especially if you're looking into well-known lines like this one. They have their own loyalty point system as well, and the points that you share at U.S. airways can be used to make reservations over the phone, and to discount your upgrade to a business class seat. You can travel, not only with U.S. Airways, but with their airline participants as well, and you can redeem your miles online at if you would rather book your tickets over the internet. Round trip, multi-city travel, and one way tickets are all available for upgrade through the MileSAAver awards that are made available through the company. Some seating upgrade limitations may stand, including travel in peak season and on embargo dates.

If you're unsure about getting an upgrade from any of these providers, don't be nervous about calling to ask. Many people find it easier to get an upgrade, free, or cheaply when they call rather than trying to deal with the online process.