It has been observed that more and more people are signing up to a VoIP phone service, which shows just how successful it has become in the telephone industry. The result is that landline telephones have become a thing of the past. Rather, optical fibers are now being used to transmit calls and data, instead of the copper wires of landline phones, which is understandable because copper wires are much slower compared to optical fibers. Obviously, it is expected that VoIP will be the only telecommunications solution available and people will simply refuse to use landline services anymore.

Why VoIP Phone Services Are Now So Popular:

VoIP phone services have received nothing but positive reviews from the people who use them. They offer a highly secure solution, particularly since they can come with added protection and security. But most importantly, VoIP is incredibly affordable. Some people believe that installation is hectic and costly, but the reality is that it is incredibly simple, as it can just be attached to their existing broadband or other Internet connection. And this is also what makes it so affordable.

Switching to VoIP Phone Services:

Switching to these services is just as easy as installing them. All you really have to do is pick your provider and sign up, which can usually be done online. They will then visit you very quickly and give you all the guidelines that you need. If they don’t install the service for you personally, you will receive full instructions on how to do it, which will come with easy to follow diagrams. It should take you just a few minutes to set the system up, and most service providers also have a dedicated telephone line or chat function for further assistance.

In many countries around the world, VoIP has started to take over and it is a clear winner over PTSN. This is mainly due to its great features:

  • It is portable, as you can use your telephone wherever you can access the Internet. All your contacts will simply travel with you.
  • It is flexible, as you can add extensions as you see fit and many providers won’t even charge you for them.
  • Is comes with a wide range of cool functions and features, including call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, call divert, call blocking, and conference calling. You might even be able to include video calling in your service.

Considering all those benefits, you may instantly think that VoIP is the way forward for you. However, it is important that you do check if it is right for you personally. You must make sure that you have a fast Internet connection, or it simply won’t work. You also have to make sure that you find a dependable provider. So long as you can do that, then there really is no reason why you should stick to old-fashioned landline telephones, unless perhaps you are still under contract for a while. But in that case, you simply have more time to research the best provider for that time when you will finally be able to switch.