In a recent viral video, people are seen detaching from others due to their dependence and borderline obsession with their smartphones. In a world where news about friends, family and the world all comes through the Internet, it can be difficult to understand how to have a healthy relationship with social media.

It may seem impossible to go a day, or even an hour, without checking into one or more forms of social media. Internet users can follow certain guidelines that will help them live a life attached to human beings, while still staying plugged into the Internet.

One of the first things to do is to slowly reduce the amount of time spent daily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This tip is particularly applicable to those who find it hard to step away in order to walk the dog, eat or clean up their apartment. These chores may fall by the wayside in lieu of one more re-tweet or status update. If the number of dishes in the sink is only outnumbered by tweets posted in the past hour, it may be time to cut back on Internet usage.

There are many ways the social media obsessed can cut back. Set up a specific time during the day when it is appropriate to browse the web. Perhaps after doing the dishes, or after completing an assignment at work.

Another method of reducing time online is to leave cell phones at home while going out. When out on a date with a significant other, it is polite to maintain focused on them and not the rest of the world. Though connecting with others through Facebook may feel like socializing, being in the presence of an Internet addict can be a rather lonely experience.

Another tip is to track time spent on the Internet. Try setting a stopwatch or alarm for when social media time is up. This could be a challenge for extreme Internet addicts who are accountable to themselves only. At the very least it can show them how much time they truly spend online.

It is also beneficial to determine what activities are worth one's time on social media. Keep track of what activities are conducted. If a great deal of time is spent arguing with strangers, or comparing ones accomplishments to those of others, consider spending time on other pursuits.

Instead of arguing with people, start a blog and critically analyze popular opinion in a more civilized forum. Many free blogging websites can offer an outlet to those who feel the need to voice their opinions on almost any topic. This option can reduce time spent bickering on forums and message boards.

Instead of mocking people whose lives are not going well, create something new to share. Using one's time to write, paint or even video blog is much more constructive.

Some make great use of the Internet, but it can quickly expose the darkest and most unpleasant parts of oneself to people they do not even know. In addition, it can become a method of closing off to the important aspects of life. Make sure to limit time online so that adequate time is devoted to meaningful tasks. Also, be sure to use social media to spread constructive messages whenever possible. These tips can help the social media obsessed stave off unhealthy social media habits.