Everyone has great ideas for a new business but it takes a special kind of person to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs not only have the ideas but are also creative enough to find ways to put them into action. If it was just creativity and will, almost everyone would be an entrepreneur and would have their own thriving business. It takes much more than that. To get a business off the ground, it also takes a good chunk of cash to make it happen.

Getting a loan for a new business is likely more difficult than getting financing for a new home. You may even have to sign over your firstborn in order to get the bank to fork over the money. However, there are other ways to finance a new venture. Many are not aware that it is possible to find free start up business grants to help you get your business off the ground. There are just a few things you need to know first before you can get the ball rolling.

Determine Your Niche:

Odds are, if you have a new business idea there is something unique about it that sets it apart from the others. That is your niche and perhaps your ticket to some free financing. Maybe you're a single mom breaking into a male dominated industry, or perhaps you're a young student with a fresh new approach to an old way of doing things. Once you define your niche you'll be able to channel interest in your venture by getting potential investors to look at you from an entirely new angle.

Locating The Grants:

There's no secret, there are a lot of free start up business grants out there but you'll have to start looking under a few rocks to find them. There are several sites online that can help you to find the grant that matches closely with your unique business idea and your personal circumstances. Don't be afraid to use whatever tools you have to shake the grant tree. If you're a minority, look for other minority business owners that have grants to offer. If you're a woman look at women's organizations that will have an interest in what you're doing. And if you're a senior citizen there are plenty of organizations that are more than happy to support a good business venture from someone with your years of wisdom.

Visit sites like FederalGrants.com for details on what the federal government offers in the form of grants but don't limit yourself. Even in your local community there are likely quite a few businesses that may be willing to pool their resources in order to help you get a foot in the proverbial business door.

Becoming an entrepreneur can be an exciting time in the life of anyone. You may have excellent ideas that could literally change the world. But if money is lacking in your venture, don't hesitate to look under a few rocks to find what you need to get started. You don't have to go through the long and arduous process of getting a loan from a financial institution if you can find on of the free start up business grants available for your venture.