The BBB (Better Business Bureau) will try to help resolve any complaint that is filed with them. However, this means you need to understand what happens when you file a complaint with BBB, so that you know what to expect and when. Let's take a closer look.

What Happens when You File a Complaint with BBB – Timeline:

Once you file your complaint:

– It will be forwarded to the business within one to five calendar days.

– The business will have 30 days from the date of your complaint to respond.

– You will receive a notification of the response.

– If there is no response, you will hear about that within 31 and 35 days of your original complaint.

– Most complaints are closed within 35 calendar days of receiving them.

Check That You Have a Valid Complaint:

In order to make sure the process will move quickly and smoothly, the BBB encourages people to check that they have a valid complaint to make. This means that:

– You have tried to resolve the issue with the business directly at least once.

– The business is BBB listed.

– The BBB National Complaint Acceptance Guidelines have been met.

– The complaint does not involve one of the criteria that the BBB does not handle.

What Happens when You File a Complaint with BBB – Important Things to Be Aware of

1. You cannot change, delete, or edit your complaint after submission.

2. The business will receive an exact copy of your complaint.

3. Your complaint may become public on the BBB website, so long as it meets their policy.

You have several options in terms of filing your complaint. These include:

1. Using the complaint form.

2. Visiting the BBB website.

3. Contacting the BBB via telephone to request a complaint form copy.

As stated, your complaint will be sent to the business within one to five days, and they have 30 calendar days to respond. Once this happens:

– Any correspondence is entered in the BBB's complain management system, after which the case will be closed.

– You will receive copies of the correspondence.

– A referral to an appropriate government agency will be included in communications with you should the business dispute your complaint.

– The business will receive confirmation of receipt and closing of the case.

– A reminder is sent to the business 15 days after they have received the complaint.

– An "unanswered complaint" listing will be filed on the BBB website should the business not reply.

– The business may lose its BBB accreditation should they not reply to the complaint within 30 days of receiving it.

– All complaints are used by the BBB to develop their reviewing systems.

The Better Business Bureau is in place to help consumers get treated fairly by businesses. Most companies in this country have now sought BBB accreditation, as it gives them a certain standard as well as proving to their customers that they care about their rights. However, the BBB is incredibly strict in terms of who can and cannot be accredited, so complaints are taken very seriously.