It is kind of computer based application software which Store and summons the transactions related to accounting in boundary of functional modules such as Account receivable, journal, payroll, trial balance, accounts payable. It works as accounting information system. The methods of accounting software vary between products.

Advantages of accounting software:

In order to get knowledge about this we have to understand it is the basic need of advanced day business.

  • It gives all the comprehensive information about tracking of financial transactions and the findings and reports of up to date accounts related information.
  • It grants reduction in the cost, and improving the decision making ability to the high extent by the help of prompt reporting.
  • It afford to save a huge amount of data deprived of physical existence, this helps the organizations to reduce the office space expenses and all others benefits.

Types of accounting software:

Accounting software is of many types and categories out of these types some are as follows:


It is the basic need modern tool for business it consists on rows and column structure that allow you to write down your data in specific place according to the relevancy of your previous note data. It helps in generating budges, calculation of profits within seconds, and analysis of the large data through the charts and graphs.

Commercial accounting Software:

This types of software manages the small and mid-size enterprises and fulfilling their needs by tracking and determining the profits and losses. The famous software under this belt are, QuickBooks, that is use in generating the invoices, payment of bills and summarizing their reports, other are FreshBooks accounting and Xero.

Enterprise accounting software:

This kind of software has variety of modules that make it unique and covering the other sectors of business such as payrolls, billings, ledger budgeting and forecasting on the basis of history. It is also known as ERP software and is arranged in such a manner to deal with the complicated scenarios of large enterprises. It is capable of project planning, workflow management, integrates the data into a single unit. That’s why this is more preferable than others.

Custom accounting software:

As the name suggests, this software is made for the specific kind of business according their needs this system organized and performed different tasks. Normally it is seen that the firms doing different businesses take turn on their own choice and conditions that specific requirements does not fulfilled by the software mentioned above so that this customize system available for their particulars problems with their solutions.

How does Accounting software work?

With all the information above it is clear that this accounting software plays vital and multiple tasks or the business related firms. The fundamental procedures of how this system operates are as follows:

Core Accounting:

In this method, it helps in keeps the things smooth and in control the balance within the functions. It is well equipped to form the general ledger and maintain the data about receivables and payables accounts. This also monitored the assets regarding the bank reconciliation.

Project Accounting:

The name of this module suggests that it is related functions with the project handling terms. It manages the proper data about the cost that is use to maximize the efficiency and profitability within organizations. It also provide the service of selection of jobs that confirms the meliorate ROI by comparing job cost for the required project.

Fund Accounting:

This type of accounting system, mostly preferred  by the government organizations and mid-level organizations that help to determine the cost of development. It also allows the allocation of the donations and their monitoring properly. This operates on the standard sets by the board of regulatory authority.

Inventory Management:

This kind of system manages the tasks related the cost that how to decrease the cost and increase the profit margin, by overcome the expenses. It is the best application that enable the firms to proper update their inventory on daily basis by tracking the sales and deliverables. There are some particulars rules and advisory by the GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Policies) that tells how to regulate the inventory etc.

Billing and Invoicing:

This functional technique is to handle the payment collections. It ensures the less human mistakes by automating all the process by itself and generating the bills regarding the information about the accounts of business firms. By this it can manage all types of functions and the business models at operational level.

Budgeting and forecasting:

This permits the organizations doing businesses an idea about the financial outlook map by the previous data and by the analysis. This is very heavy advantage to use this method in order to enhance the performance of the organization.

Payroll Management:

Its basic purpose is to provide the data about the businesses paychecks generating, clearance about taxation reports, it also give you the reminder to pay your tax on time and save you from the legal action and fines.

How to choose best Accounting software:


With the advancement in the technology the best service provider comes in our mind is the internet or through the online service, you can run different businesses at the same time by using the technology now a days. For the purpose of selecting the best accounting software we have some choices such as:

Phone/online support:

The time before the revolution of IT in the world the system of our firms are very weak in terms of the communication and we had to wait a lot for a single mail that was very time taking but now technology make it in a seconds to take a response from the others so Phone support system is the best to support the business within your palm you can operate so many tasks.


As mentioned above change in trends of organization behaviors with the technology, trainings play a vital role in success of any business because you cannot force the employee to be well aware of the new terms and innovations it take time to evolve them and give them chance to improve their self. So to enhance the knowledge about the Accounting software, they are providing the live and online trainings to the customers within a small subscription fee.