When searching for cars to purchase, buyers are faced with an abundance of vehicles to choose from. Narrowing down cars that are affordable and reliable can be difficult, but there is one type of vehicle that has many perks. The crossover SUV is quickly becoming a very popular vehicle to purchase. The term “crossover” is commonly used interchangeably with “compact”, meaning that a crossover SUV will be a smaller version of the SUVs people are typically used to. Crossovers take familiar features from cars likes those of a station wagon or hatchback. These cars give drivers the familiarity of an SUV with many added benefits. Listed below are just 10 of the reasons why drivers should purchase a crossover SUV.

1.) You still get the benefits of an SUV.

Many people believe that with a smaller SUV that they will not be able to drive it in the same ways they would drive a regular SUV. This is not the case, as crossover SUVs come with front wheel, rear wheel, or all wheel drive. You can still drive in difficult weather conditions, but with a smaller, comfortable vehicle.

2.) They provide a comfortable driving experience.

Crossover SUVs are built on car platforms, not trucks like regular SUVs, which tends to make them more stable and easier to drive. Compared to regular SUVs, crossovers have an improved ride and better handling characteristics.

3.) They are easier to handle.

These cars provide the power a driver needs, but also gives the advantage of being smaller for those errands in busy parking lots. They can maneuver through smaller spaces, stop quicker than regular SUVs and are easier to park. These cars can make going to the grocery store easy, and you wont have to re-park as many times as you would with a larger car.

4.) Better gas mileage.

Gas prices always seem to be on the rise, so it is important to try and get a car that is as fuel efficient as possible. Although crossovers do not haul heavy items such as boats and trailer, when it comes time to fill up, consumers are happy they gave up that feature. A lighter vehicle makes for better fuel economy, so you don’t have to visit the pump as often. Some models of crossovers get 22mpg city and 28mpg highway, and many companies are trying to get into the Hybrid game as soon as possible.

5.) Lower prices.

Due to the fact that crossover SUVs are built with a unibody, it is less expensive to build, therefore they are less expensive to buy. There are many crossover SUVs with different features, and a bundle of different manufacturers make them, so there is a high probability that you will find a crossover in your price range.

6.) There is plenty of room.

In the crossover SUV, you still get to have the room you would have if you were to buy a full size SUV or a minivan. They have fold down seats and lots of room in the trunk to fill up with whatever items you want. Crossovers have a unique style with their build, and provide lots of room inside of the car, even though on the outside it may not look like a roomy vehicle.

7.) Third row seating.

Usually the main purchasers of SUVs and minivans are people who have large families and have to get around a lot. Not only does the crossover provide the room for all of the sports equipment or musical instruments that you have to haul around, but also you have third row seating to fit everyone into the car. This also helps if you have to carpool.

8.) They still come with tech features.

It seems these days that you have to pay a lot of money to get cool tech features in your car. With the crossover SUV you can opt out of these features or include them, and both prices will still not break the bank. These tech features are easy to use, and are kid friendly.

9.) Sleek design.

Often times with minivans and SUVs, you get a bulky, unattractive look that can embarrass you and your kids. However, with the crossover, you get a smaller, sleeker look that still has all the room you need.

10.) Gives you the space you need without extra bulkiness.

The crossover SUV gives you all the space you need without the extra bulkiness of regular SUVs or minivans. Often times people do not need every single nook and cranny of a large car and end up driving around a large car with unneeded space. With the crossover SUV, you will not be wasting any space, and will drive in a car that allows you to have the room you need and still have a sleek looking car.