Gas seems to be getting cheaper. Some people are suggesting it could even be burned for fun! The end of 2014 marked the biggest decline in gas prices in six years, and for once, the pumps followed suit. Billions of dollars were saved by consumers all over the country. However, this doesn't mean that each state is cheap. This is why finding gasoline prices by state can be a very good thing to do. If you are intending to travel long distances, for instance, knowing where to fill up may just save you a bomb.

A Brief Background:

In January of this year, the AAA reported that gas prices had fallen for 108 days in a row – a true record. The AAA had started to keep records in January 2000 and they had never seen a drop like it. This year, prices are believed to stay below $3 per gallon, unless there is a sudden huge change. The national average across the country in January of this year is just $2.15, which is a 34% drop compared to the year before. In fact, in all states, you are likely to find at least one station where a gallon of gas will be less than $2.

Finding Gasoline Prices by State:

So how do you find gasoline prices by state? Since the economic collapse, we have all learned to become more frugal and to search for bargains wherever possible. The same is true for gas prices. And we have all also learned how to use the internet to our advantage, something that again applies to gasoline prices.

The internet is a treasure trove of information that you can use to your advantage. If you are planning to travel a certain route, you can ask programs like Google Maps to list the different gas stations along that route and you can then research these individually to find their prices. There are also various websites that are dedicated specifically to listing gasoline prices in each state.

Some of the websites you may consider if you are looking for gasoline prices by state include GasBuddy and the AAA. The AAA is believed to be the most reliable of all, as it is a national organization that looks at various travel trends. However, GasBuddy is often slightly more up-to-date, as they update their gas prices in real time. In addition, there are various other tools that you can use as well. Motortrend is one example, as is the EIA. Alternatively, there is, where you include the name of the state you are interested in before the start of the URL.

Why Comparing Gasoline Prices by State Is Important:

For many people, comparing prices from one state to the other is a pointless exercise. If they you not travel out of state, there is no reason to look into this. However, if you live near a state border, are planning a vacation or for other reason engage in long distance travel, then quickly making this comparison could save you a whole lot of money.