What is an Adoption agency?

Adoption agencies are mostly viewed as Middle Man. Adoption agencies work for both birth parents as well as parents hoping to adopt. Adoption agencies carefully manage the in and out of adoption and this procedure is really helpful that is required by the state. These agencies help birth parents by educating them about the decision they have made regarding replacement and help them find the best suitable family for their child. Most of these agencies remain in touch with the adoptive family for at least six months to confirm that the adoptive family is proceeding in a healthy manner.

Types of adoption Agencies

Adoption agencies vary from country to country and the way of proceeding they perform and initiate. Adoption laws must be followed by every adoption agency that is set by the government’s regulation and laws. If any agency fails to comply with the law it will lead to cancellation of the licenses or termination of the agency as a whole. Adoption process through the adoption agencies are considered legal in the state or country. Though these laws may vary from the particular government of laws but the aim is constant that is to match the best suited adoptive family with the children to be adopted. In England there are three types of adoption agencies that are:

  • Local Authority (LA)
  • Regional Adoption agency (RAA)
  • Independent Voluntary adoption agency (VAA)

Local authority adoption agency has children in care while voluntary adoption agencies don’t. Regional adoption agency comes into form by joining of many local authority agencies from the state to increase the efficiency of adoption. Voluntary adoption agencies recruit and access the adopters and create a best match for children who are already in the supervision of local authority and they directly pay to the local authority adoption agency without any profit.

Services of adoption agencies:

Adoption need several steps for adoption process and the services that are provided by the adoption agencies include home study, counselling, screening and matching process. Some major services provided by the adoption agencies are:

  1. Counselling, education and support

For both birth and adoptive parents, adoption is an emotional experience for them. If any couple is pursuing adoption they must be educated about the adoption process and the decision they are going to make. Support and counselling is given to both parents to help them to cope with emotional difficulty and to remain committed to their decision and plan. They give information regarding the infant adoption and answer your every question regarding adoption. Adoption agencies never force you to make any tough decision you don’t want to, it is you who had to decide they will just guide you with the best information about adoption.

  1. Screening services

Professionals in the adoption agencies will screen the expected adoptive family as well as birth parents who are involved to measure their patience and commitment for adoption and to ensure that birth mother is okay with is the decision also check for the health and safety of the baby. This screening process will protect the adoption process. Then the step is taken for adoption process to provide safe home for the child. Screening also include investigations on home study, background check for both parties and many more. Birth parents are counselled and educated for the commitment to reduce the adoption scamming taking advantage of adoptive families.

  1. Home study services

Home study is conducted by a licensed professional and this involves the evaluation of adoptive family, check their home and background information to identify that they are enough stable to provide safe and nurturing home to the child to be adopted.

  1. Adoption marketing and advertising

Assistance for locating is needed for both birth and adoptive parents in private adoptions and here such type of agencies will help them. If any one is interested in adoption they need to advertise their family to the pregnant woman and then she will decide the best suited family for her child. Based on the adoption goals, adoption professional will help coordinating the expectant mother and adoptive mother. For advertising print, video and online profiles are generated for the adoptive family. Sites are developed to help them find the best suitable family which help them to select the family quicker and make the right decision. Information is collected from the birth mother and work with the families across the country and provide the most successful adoption.

  1. Adoption and hospital planning

Potential birth parents need to create a hospital plan and such type of agencies will help you planning this. They help you to build a relationship between expectant birth mother and adoptive parents.

  1. Legal adoption referral services

An attorney is required in every adoption process to complete the legal services. It involves the counselling for both parties about the legal parental rights for adoption based on states law.

  1. Open adoption education and support

Mostly adoption are now open which means the birth mother and adoptive parents are in direct contact with each other and keep in touch after adoption. Adoption agencies help them by exchanging contact and maintaining the friendly relationship between them. If a expectant birth mother needs confidentiality then agencies will guide the adoptive parents of such relationship.

Cost of Adoption Agency:

To adopt a newborn healthy baby with the country or to adopt from another country will cost about $5000 to 40,000 according to Child welfare information Gateway. But the cost of adoption vary from agency to agency because some agencies has set their sliding scale depending on the income of the adoptive families. If you are only working with attorney without the involvement of any adoption agency it will cost you $8000 to $40,000 but the average is $10,000 to $15,000. Families who decided to work with adoption attorney will play an active role in identifying the child the child to be adopted and the birth mother. Adoptions form foster cares are free of cost and in such type of adoptions parents will hire a private agency to help them in this process of adoption.